HHSC Electronic Medical Records Training

Goal: Efficiently, effectively, and in a timely manner:
1. Prepare all staff for EMR training by providing support and Basic Computer Skills training as needed.
2. Coordinate the contract training of all HHSC staff on the new EMR system. Personnel to include: Admin. Staff, Physicians, Clinicians, Techs, and Staff.
MORE emerge Information:

FAQ Listing (Internal Access Only) - This list is maintained by the EMR Communication Committee and contains questions and answers to questions about the EMR.  You also have the ability to ask a new question


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The Hawaii Health Systems Corporation Electronic Medical Record Gaining Efficiency (emerge) Project is a range and variety of applications designed to improve quality of care and patient safety in HHSC facilities. It enables a front-end user (dedicated staff member trained to input and access EMR information) to connect with an amazing database, which allows improved access to important clinical information, direct entry of data by clinicians and other users, and decision support tools at the point of care.

Training is provided according to each Position/Role. A nurse will learn how to document I&O, transfer a patient, manage medication, etc.  A  physician will learn to enter Orders, transfer, document, and other patient care tasks.  All staff that will be using the EMR will be trained on the specific applications they need to do their job.

Class registration will be by the departmental manager so that scheduling and backfill can be planned. Training will occur within the 3-5 weeks previous to each Region's Go-Live Date.  Siemens & other Training Consultants will train, and provide documentation, for Financials, Clinicals, Critical Care, Pharmacy, Syngo Radiology, Siemens Surgical (SIS), MS4, EDM (Electronic Document Mgt.).

SuperUsers and Soarian HHSC teams  will support Siemens' during the development of the training material, training, and other needs.